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5 Kindfolk Must-Haves! 

March 4, 2022

New to Kindfolk? Let us introduce ourselves. Our mission at Kindfolk is to create positive change - for animals, for people, and for the planet. We create high-quality, ethically manufactured yoga products, and $1 from every sale is donated to one of our 3 nonprofit partners to help empower women around the world.

Our goal is to send a strong message that in a world where you be anything, it’s worth it to be kind. Now that you know what we’re all about, here’s a few suggestions on where to start your Kindfolk collection! (Shopped with us before? Don’t worry–this list is good for new and returning shoppers alike!)

1. Essential Yoga Mat

Your practice starts when you step on your yoga mat. To make your practice as efficient and satisfying as possible, Kindfolk designed the Essential Yoga Mat. This mat will give you all the support you need for a successful yoga practice (and more).

The Essential Yoga Mat is larger than a standard yoga mat, accommodating every body and every pose. It’s 5mm thick, ensuring sufficient cushioning for your joints. It is made of the highest quality materials to ensure the mat remains non-slip, whether it’s wet or dry, because we care about the safety of your practice. And, because we also care about the safety of all people (and the planet, too), all Kindfolk mats are made from non-toxic, ethically sourced materials. 

Bottom line: this mat will have your back (literally). When you buy our Essential Yoga Mat, you are making a long-term investment into your yoga practice. 

Shop Now:  Essential Yoga Mat in Dark Grey or Blue, $64.99

2. Cork Yoga Mat

As of recently, cork is all the rage, and with good reason!

Cork is a natural material sourced from the cork oak tree, which makes our Cork Yoga Mats a great eco-friendly option. What’s more, cork is more sustainable than many plant-derived materials. For cork to be harvested, the tree doesn’t need to be cut down. Throughout its life, each cork oak tree can undergo 5-7 harvests while continuing its growth. This means that cork “farms” can serve as long-term habitats for the local wildlife too.

Cork also has natural antimicrobial properties, thanks to a tight-knit cell structure and a natural phenolics compound that kills bacteria. Having a self-cleaning mat that can easily withstand a sweaty practice is a must.

Speaking of sweat, cork mats provide incredible amounts of grip, gaining even more friction when exposed to moisture. Better grip leads to better performance and lower risk of injury, making it a great investment for lovers of traditional and hot yoga!

Shop Now: Cork Yoga Mat, $64.99

3. Patterned Yoga Mat Duffel Bag

Tired of carrying a million separate things into the yoga studio? Wish you could fit it all in one place? Same. That's exactly why we created our bestselling Yoga Mat Duffel Bag! 

This bag features a spacious design that allows you to pack everything you need for your yoga practice without sacrificing style. It is large enough to fit a yoga mat (even a larger one, like our Essential Yoga Mat), a towel, a pair of yoga blocks, a strap, water bottle, and other accessories. It even has a separate compartment for small essential items like your phone, keys and wallet!

The best part: Our Yoga Mat Duffels are made to last. These durable bags are made using high-quality, vegan and eco-friendly fabrics. And they come in a range of 8 eye-catching patterns and colors!

Shop Now: Patterned Yoga Mat Duffel Bag,$34.99

4. Cork Yoga Block Set

Did you know that a cork oak tree, from which the cork is harvested, generates up to 5 times the amount of oxygen while it regenerates after a harvest? That’s right, cork is a sustainable material in more ways than one. Our Cork Yoga Block is a great eco-friendly alternative to standard PVC blocks. Plus, the molecular structure of cork ensures durability and longevity.

Our cork blocks have that same grippy surface as our Cork Yoga Mat, so you can feel secure while using them to assist you in trying new poses in your practice. Cork blocks are also typically denser than foam blocks, which means more reliable support! And, while they provide generous cushioning, they still maintain their shape better than foam blocks!

Last reason you need these blocks: Despite being a bit denser than foam, our cork blocks are still light enough to travel with you wherever you go! So, if you're an on-the-go yogi looking to elevate your practice, this set is an absolute necessity! 

Shop Now: Cork Yoga Block Set, $34.99

5. Yoga Mat Backpack  

Those who like multifunctional bags will love our Yoga Mat Backpack!

The Yoga Mat Backpack is extremely versatile, perfect for taking your mat on a hike, to the gym, or on a camping trip. Since the yoga mat is attached to the bottom of the backpack using two sturdy straps, it's easy to take a mat of any size or thickness with you on your adventures. This backpack can also be used as your day-to-day bag, even when yoga isn’t on your schedule that day.

Just like all our bags, the Kindfolk backpacks are made using ethically sourced, vegan, environmentally-friendly materials. Be sure to choose a fabric pattern that reflects your personality, because soon enough, you’ll be wearing this backpack absolutely everywhere!

Shop Now: Yoga Mat Backpack, $39.99 

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