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Who We Are

Kindfolk is an environmentally-friendly, high-quality yoga accessory brand. But more than that, Kindfolk is creating change in the world.

Our founder, Rachel, began Kindfolk in January of 2016 with the mission  to build a brand that was made by a yogi, for yogis. And while she built Kindfolk up to be a brand known for excellent customer service and great products, something was missing.

Kindfolk didn’t feel like it had met its full potential yet. It wasn’t making a difference in the world.

So Rachel changed that.

She began a partnership with A21, a non-profit working to end slavery and human trafficking around the world. 

As Kindfolk has grown, the impact that it is making is growing as well.

Kindfolk is now partnering with A21, Girl Empowerment Network, and Nicole’s Place. Three wonderful organizations that are all working towards empowering women and freeing them from oppression.

For every item purchased we are donating $1 to one of the three organizations we are partnering with.

Not only are you creating change, but you get to choose which organization your contribution goes towards.

When you wear your Kindfolk bag to the gym, studio, or office, you are telling the world that you are partnering with organizations working to lift up women around the world. 

For more information, visit our Where We Donate page.

We hope you’ll help us change the world.

Kindfolk team.