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Our Why

Kindfolk is committed to doing our part to empower women around the world. We do this by donating $1 for each product sold to one of the three organizations we work with. And you get to choose which of our partners you want to support with your purchase.

We are broken-hearted by the systemic oppression of girls and women around the world and are focused on building a business model that creates change. 

Partner with us, create change, and be kind.




Who is A21

A21 is a nonprofit organization fueled by radical hope: that human beings everywhere will be set free from bondage and completely restored. 

A21’s strategy is to reach, rescue, and restore lives. 

This directly impacts the lives of women. 70% of the people who are trafficked each year are women, and 50% are young girls. 

They reach out to reduce vulnerability and prevent slavery. Their main outreach involves engaging people through events, student presentations and education programs that help people to see signs of slavery and human trafficking and contact their local law enforcement.

A21 works face-to-face with every rescued survivor in their care based on their individual needs. They provide them with access to housing, medical treatment, counseling, education, employment, and repatriations to help them reach a place of independence.

Their mission is clear: Abolish Slavery Everywhere, Forever


Who is Girl’s Empowerment Network (GEN)

Girl’s Empowerment Network is working to ignite the power in girls by teaching them the skills to thrive and believe in their ability to be unstoppable.

GEN was created in 1996 by 12 concerned mothers raising adolescent girls in Austin, Texas. They all wanted to work to put an end to the systematic decline of girl’s self esteem. 

They have three main values that help guide how they live everyday life and support their mission and vision. 

Be the spark: lead with infectious passion. 

Shout out: lift each other up and listen to every voice.

Ring the bell: prove your impact and celebrate girlhood. 

At Kindfolk, we believe that supporting young women is of the utmost importance. They are the future generation and need to be empowered to reach high and dream big. 



Who is Nicole’s Place

Nicole’s Place is a short-term, residential home designed specifically for child survivors of DMST (domestic minor sex-trafficking).

They provide a safe, peaceful, and caring living space and assess each girl’s need individually.

Nicole’s Place has a strong focus on maximizing the positive outcomes and hope for the future of each girl that they bring into their care. 

We believe that this organization is supporting the empowerment and care of girls, as well as uplifting them to believe in the hope of their futures. This brings the mission of A21 closer to home, with Nicole’s place located in our home city of Austin, Texas.